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Strength 70%

Muscle Gain 70%

Fat/Water Loss 0%

Side Effects 25%

Keep Gains 0%
  • Potency: 50 mg /tablet

  • Dosage: 30mg – 50mg/day

  • Appearance: rounded red tablet with centre split

  • Quantity: 100 Tablets



Product Name


Chemical Formula of DIANABOL 



DIANABOL is an appropriate steroid with an outstanding influence on protein digestion. Methandienone additionally initiates a further developed feeling of prosperity.

DIANABOL is perhaps the most exceptionally compelling mass structure steroid at any point made. It was, truth be told, made explicitly for competitors to use to further develop execution. It gives exceptionally noteworthy weight and strength gains for most clients. Encountering a 3-4lb weight gain each week isn’t unfathomable, particularly in learners. It should be noticed that a great deal assuming this is water weight, and that with higher measurements gynecomastia, hypertension, and skin break out could happen. DIANABOL when taken orally becomes dynamic quickly, however just remaining parts dynamic for not exactly a large portion of a day. Frequently, therefore, measurements were spread as the day progressed.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is an oral steroid that chiefly influences protein digestion. It builds a protein blend which prompts speedier creation of the body’s protein. A portion of the benefits of the medication remembers its critical anabolic impacts for the body with somewhat low androgenic movement.

The steroid’s change to estrogens is somewhat low when contrasted with testosterone too. The medication is dynamic for a brief time frame (around 6-8 hours), yet it’s exceptionally proficient. The impacts are a positive nitrogen equilibrium and better wellbeing overall. The principal impact of Dianabol (methandrostenolone) is the fast expansion in bulk brought about by invigorated protein amalgamation. Methandrostenolone doesn’t disseminate in the liver and doesn’t tie to globulin (the sex chemical restricting protein), thusly it is significantly more strong than the same measure of testosterone. The androgenic movement of methandrostenolone is moderately frail.

Usage of Dianabol

This medication can be taken three times a day. Breakfast comes first, lunch comes second, and dinner comes third. It is best for the individual to take this steroid with food.

Dosage of Dianabol 

Beginners should start with 10mg, but the maximum dosage is 50mg, which can only be taken once per day.

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During the last long time of Dianabol admission, it’s prescribed to present a testosterone supporter for 3 a month. This assists with the faster rebuilding of the body’s testosterone creation and diminishing misfortunes. Remember that any anabolic steroids utilization must be supported by your primary care physician because of conceivable contra-signs.

For augmented impact and decreased bulk misfortunes it’s encouraged to involve sports sustenance for bulk gain and follow an eating regimen focused on a similar cycle.

Benefits of Dianabol 

Methandrostenolone is a medicine that has a lot of benefits for athletes and sportspeople since it helps them create a lot of muscle, which is why it’s called anabolic. This substance improves their training performance and strength when they are working out.

This medicine boosts their muscle mass, allowing them to shape their bodies in whatever way they like by taking this medication and using it correctly. They may push their bodies to their boundaries and attain the next level of greatness by using this magnificent medicine. Not just your arms, but also your legs, will grow in size as your muscle mass grows.

Dianabol is suggested for individuals that need some critical bulk increment and strength upgrades. Methandrostenolone guarantees:

expanded protein and glycogen blend levels.

  • better craving.
  • muscle development, better strength and perseverance;
  • some abundance fat misfortune;
  • fortified skeletal framework;
  • better siphon;
  • restraint of protein catabolism.

Some other positive androgenic impacts are likewise conceivable, however, these are viewed as two times as pitifully articulated as those of testosterone.

Mechanism of action

The most efficient bulk builder is methandrostenolone. It is a very androgenic and anabolic product that serves two primary functions: it strengthens us and allows us to gain greater muscle mass. This steroid will provide you with the necessary boost to perform hard lifting in the gym as well as other physical activities.

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Side effects

This steroid should only be used for 4–6 weeks and should not be used after that time because it will harm your health. Not suitable for pregnant women.

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Studies have shown that in most cases incidental effects begin to show when clients surpass the Dianabol consumption of more than 30 mg each day. Its disadvantages are that it is of high aromatization, so it will in general change over into estrogen.

The incorporation of an aromatase inhibitor can help in staying away from:

  • gynecomastia;
  • liquid maintenance;
  • hypertension.

The medication toxically affects the liver. Forestalling an adverse consequence on the liver includes the utilization of choleretic medicates just, which assist bile with moving from the gallbladder to the digestive system. Hepatoprotectors are acquainted during PCT with staying away from biliary maintenance.



Don’t use Methandrostenolone if you have the following medical conditions

Kidney Disease

Diabetes Disease

High Blood Pressure

Buy DIANABOL 50MG from Home – Steroids World………..Buy DIANABOL 50MG from Home – Steroids World

It is realized that 10 mg of the DIANABOL was enough for full androgen substitution in a man, and this portion expanded androgen anabolic action multiple times over ordinary and gave a decrease in normal cortisol movement of between 50-70%. Regardless of this, numerous competitors take 50-100 mg day by day. Over 50mg/day, there is a state of lessening return.


At temperatures ranging from sixty-eight Fahrenheit to seventy-seven Fahrenheit, keep this drug away from heat, moisture, and light. Have all medications out of the range of youngsters.

Buy DIANABOL 50MG from Home – Steroids World………..Buy DIANABOL 50MG from Home – Steroids World

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Buy DIANABOL 50MG from Home – Steroids World

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