Buy Testosterone Cypionate online 250mg




1ML X 10



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Buy Testosterone Cypionate online 250mg

Buy Testosterone Cypionate online 250mg
Buy Testosterone Cypionate online 250mg



1ML X 10



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Pharma Cypex 200

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Usage of Pharma Cypex 200

In men and boys, testosterone injection is used to treat problems caused by an absence of this hormone, such as delayed puberty, impotence, etc. Testosterone injection is not for use without particular medical conditions in the treatment of low testosterone or because it gets older.

For replacement treatment in the male, Pharma Cypex 200 Injecting is suggested under circumstances linked with deficiency or endogenous testosterone absence symptoms. Primary (congenital or acquired) hypogonadism – cryptorchid, bilateral torsion, orchitis, fading testis syndrome, or orchid disease – testicular failure. Hypogonadotropic deficit or pituitary-hypothalamic tumour, trauma or radiation damage (hypogonadic or acquired).


Within twenty-four hours of delivery, ester variants of testosterone, such as testosterone cypionate, cause a 400% rise in blood testosterone levels compared to the baseline. These androgen levels stay increased for 3-5 days following therapy. 3 The constant change in plasma testosterone following intramuscular delivery of testosterone cypionate causes mood and libido variations, as well as some regional inflammation.

Action mechanism:

In humans and other animals, testosterone exerts its effects via two major mechanisms: stimulation of the androgen receptor and conversion to estradiol and interaction of particular oestrogen receptors. Free testosterone is transported into the cytoplasm of target body tissue by the cytoplasmic enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, where it can bind to the androgen receptor or be transformed to 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone. Because DHT binds to the same androgen receptor as testosterone, its androgenic strength is around 2.5 times that of testosterone.

The testosterone receptor or DHT-receptor complex undergoes a radical transformation that allows it to enter the cell nucleus and bind to certain chromosomal DNA genetic instructions. The binding sites are known as hormone response elements, and they regulate the transcriptional activity of certain genes, resulting in androgen impacts.


Because testosterone cypionate is an esters stimulant, it has a higher degree of solubility in lipids and consequently a slower rate of release and absorption when compared to homologous compounds. 5 Intralesional injection of 200 mg testosterone cypionate resulted in a mean supratherapeutic Cmax of 1122 ng/dl 4-5 days after injection. After the fifth day, testosterone cypionate levels in plasma decreased to a mean of 400 ng/dl.


For novices, the typical testosterone cypionate dose for 12 weeks is between 400 to 500 mg. It began on Monday, Wednesday and Friday three times a week. For those who have taken testosterone cypionate, the dose may be raised by 600 mg. The only time you used less, for example, is when you stack it with other anabolic substances such as Winstrol, human growth hormone and testosterone cypionate 200mg dosage (HGH).

Benefits of Pharma Cypex 200

Buy Testosterone Cypionate online and get the following benefits;

Muscles: enhances protein production and strength and strength of muscle.

Body fat: blocks fat absorption, increases fat burning beta-adrenergic receptors and promotes fat storage.

Brain: enhances intellect, memory, sex desire and influences your moods.

Heart: Blood flow increases and heat output is increased.

Bone: Enhances bone formation and bone development in red blood cells and preserves bone density.

Male sex bodies: Support the generation and viability of sperms and foster the development of the penis and erectile functions.

Skin: Supports the synthesis of collagen and the creation of hair.

 Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

These side effects may occur if you buy testosterone cypionate 250mg

Your prostate gland is enlarging. Among the symptoms are:

Urination is required frequently or urgently.

Nocturia is a condition that occurs at night (need to urinate more often at night).

Having difficulty initiating urinating.

A feeble urine stream or a stream that comes and goes

dribbling towards the conclusion of urinating

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