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Tamoxi/Nolvadex  20 Mg/ 50 Tab 
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Tamoxifen is an oral solution that contains the active ingredient Tamoxifen Citrate at a dose of 20 mg. Tamoxi is a selective oestrogen blocker rather than an asteroid. While Tamoxifen does not inhibit the accumulation of oestrogen in the body, it does prevent it from activating on certain receptors, most notably those in the nipples. This has clear benefits for bodybuilders because this is the region where “gyno” arises when aromatizing drugs like testosterone are used.

Tamoxi is also beneficial to bodybuilders since it stimulates LH synthesis, which increases the quantity of testosterone produced by the body. As a result, the medicine is an excellent choice for PCT.

While Tamoxifen has clear advantages in terms of oestrogen production in the body, it is vital to remember that it might have negative effects on progesterone-related steroids. As a result, bodybuilders should avoid using Tamoxi in combination with steroids like Deca or Trenbolone.

It’s also worth noting that Tamoxifen doesn’t suppress oestrogen throughout the body, so athletes aiming to lessen general water retention and bloat should choose real oestrogen blockers like Anastrozole or Exemestane. Tamoxifen is commonly used by bodybuilders in dosages ranging from 25 to 75 mg per day throughout a cycle when gynecomastia is a concern. Those wishing to integrate Tamoxifen into their PCT treatment will normally run the medication at identical levels for 4-6 weeks after all steroids have been terminated. Users may also opt to supplement their PCT programme with Proviron and/or HCG.

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Tamoxi treatment for a long time has been linked to the development of fatty liver, steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, and rare cases of clinically evident acute liver damage. For women at moderate or high risk, a daily dosage of 20 mg for 5 years is advised. A larger dose or a longer time of usage are not recommended due to a lack of evidence.


Take once a day at a dose of 20 mg. Higher dosages have not been shown to provide any extra advantage in terms of delayed recurrence or better patient survival. Although higher dosages have been used in certain individuals with advanced illness, there is no substantial evidence to support the use of 30-40 mg per day therapy. In failed situations, further courses may be administered during future menstrual cycles, with the dose increased to 20 mg twice day, then 40 mg twice daily.


Benefits of Tamoxifen 

During a pregnancy, Pre-menopausal patients should be checked for pregnancy before starting therapy.

The first step in preventing breast cancer is to understand the basics.

Women who previously experienced a thrombosis of the deep vein or lung embolus.

  • Women who need to take coumarin-type anticoagulants at the same time.

The start of therapy for women with irregular menstruation might happen on any given day. If the first course is unsuccessful, a second treatment with a greater dose level may be started after a 45-day gap (20 mg to 40 mg twice daily).

Nolvadex is essential for the gathering of non-steroid antiestrogens stifling the receptors of estrogen. The essential action of the medication incorporates reestablishing the convergence of the essential male sex chemical in the body while expanding the degrees of estrogen. Competitors might utilize Novo-pharm Nolvadex to eliminate overabundance fat stores when on a low-calorie diet, increment bulk improvement and stop the generally perceptible unfavourable responses related to steroids.

The primary impacts of the utilization of the medication are:

reestablished endogenous testosterone creation;

obstructed estrogen action all through the body, including nerve centre and pituitary organ, assists with reestablishing male chemical turn of events, yet additionally forestalls liquid maintenance, expanding, and limits difficulties;

the expanded measure of high-thickness cholesterol in the circulatory system – the collection of “good” cholesterol over “terrible” cholesterol diminishes the probability of cardiovascular sicknesses that frequently emerge in cutthroat competitors.

Nolvadex is moderately gentle, the most elevated grouping of estrogen happens in the liver cells, which is by and large helpful for the body. This antiestrogen significantly builds how much testosterone is in competitors. Reviews have shown that assuming the competitor involves the medication at 20 mg day by day for 10 days in a row, the grouping of testosterone is expanded by 42% contrasted with the endogenous levels. The vitally male chemical level is raised by 83% if the medication has been utilized for more than 1.5 months.

 Side effects

Menstruation is reduced in a subset of premenopausal women using this product for breast cancer therapy.

Tamoxi therapy has been linked to an increased risk of endometrial alterations such as hyperplasia, polyps, malignancy, and uterine sarcoma (mainly malignant mixed Mullerian tumours).

This product may cause or aggravate angioedema symptoms in people with hereditary angioedema.

Male competitors might experience ascend in internal heat level, sickness, discombobulation. Because of liquid maintenance in the body, ordinary kidney capacity might be compromised. Many individuals might encounter serious migraines, tension, and sluggishness. Nolvadex can cause stomach related issues such as blockage or anorexia just as a possible weakness. Other adverse consequences incorporate eye enlarging, waterfalls, fractional and complete vision misfortune. Use might cause a rash of the skin. A few clients have announced headaches, changes in the cornea, disarray. Nolvadex can make extreme harm to the body in instances of genuine liver infection, so it isn’t suggested for individuals with hepatitis and other serious illnesses.

It is encouraged to quit utilizing Nolvadex quickly and substitute it with another antiestrogen, for example, Clomid or Toremifene to lessen aftereffects (the last option is an altered variant of Nolvadex, without a large number of its unfavourable responses).


Keep this medication away from heat, moisture, and light at temperatures ranging from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C Keep any medicines out of children’s reach.

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