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Rohm Labs 2TTM 400

Each 1ml contains:

100mg Testosterone Cypionate

100mg Testosterone Enanthate

100mg Trenbolone Enanthate

100mg Masteron Enanthate

ROHM 2TTM 400mg Steroid Injections For Sale

Why Buy 2TTM

2TTM mixed blend steroid injections for sale online by the ROHM Labs steroids company are an injectable anabolic steroid very popular with bodybuilders in the UK because its the only TTM steroid injection that has 2 testosterone esters instead of the normal 1.

Benefits of this product are increasing testosterone and helping to recover quickly after a hard gym session and its half life is about 6 days. It also has great reviews on the UK muscle forums.

Name: 2TTM 400 mg,

Manufacturer: ROHM Labs,

Contents: 400mg/1ml/10ml 2TTM multi-dose mixed blend steroid injection vial. Each 1ml contains the ingredients of 100mg of testosterone cypionate, 100mg of testosterone enanthate, 100mg of trenbolone enanthate and 100mg of drostanolone enanthate (masteron).

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a 5alpha reduced version of the steroid Boldenone, most generally referred to as 1-testosterone. Users can ingest the substance without experiencing the adverse side effects brought on by this chemical process, but the advantages are also lost because it does not undergo 5alpha reduction. Boldenone is not the only steroid that Testosterone Cypionate has in common with. In actuality, the 1-methylation present in methenolone distinguishes Testosterone Cypionate from it chemically. Although Testosterone Cypionate was originally accessible over the counter in tablet and pill form, 1-methylation was naturally added to make it more available when taken orally. As a result, Testosterone Cypionate is not effectively used when supplied in this way.

Some of these over-the-counter formulations of the medication were made by creating an oil-solubilized product with Testosterone Cypionate, which is a delivery method akin to that of android. If one wants to fully use the potential of the compound, however, this would still not be a technique of distribution that was particularly desirable to deploy. As with other anabolic steroids, intramuscular injection is by far the most effective route of administration.

Testosterone Enanthate

In addition to increasing size and strength, testosterone enanthate also boosts vigour and ambition, promotes rapid weight gain, and enhances libido. Testosterone enanthate is probably the kind of testosterone that athletes and bodybuilders are prescribed the most. It is inexpensive and simple to purchase, works well for gaining strength and muscle, and helps you lose extra weight.

Testosterone enanthate is the most widely used and recognised as the most essential anabolic hormone. Bodybuilders usually see it as the foundational steroid for the bulk of cycles as a result. Testosterone enanthate can have both androgenic and anabolic effects. Both muscular growth and power will significantly rise in users of this steroid.

Trenbolone Enanthate

The enanthate ester attached to this steroid enables the bodybuilder to maintain blood levels with fewer injections than if they were utilising the drug’s acetate ester. When using this medicine, athletes typically take two doses each week.

In a nutshell, the most powerful steroid being utilised by bodybuilders is trenbolone. Tren is a very androgenic and anabolic substance. There is no oestrogen buildup since it cannot chemically aromatize. Together with its strong androgenic properties, this steroid builds incredibly hard and defined muscle.

Trenbolone first became well-known when it was included in the legendary steroid Parabolan. The tremendous effects that users of this drug regularly experienced were nothing short of astonishing. After it was sadly stopped, the drug’s enduring effects gained its cult status, and producers of imitation Parabolan amps rushed the market to profit from the steroid’s enormous appeal and devoted following.

Masteron Enanthate

The bodybuilders that use Masteron enanthate most commonly are those who are in the “cutting” phase of their training and diet. Due to drostanolone enanthate’s extreme androgenic and little anabolic activity, the muscles’ firmness and definition are quite evident. Masteron Enanthate is also known to be a strong oestrogen blocker and to bind to SHBG, which makes it possible for other steroids to more easily attach to their specific receptors and boost their efficacy when present in the body. The same negative effects have also been reported by bodybuilders who choose to use Masteron’s oral version, Proviron.

Side effects:

This may cause the following effects.

    • Hypertension
    • Hair loss
    • Greasy skin
    • Acne-prone skin
    • Excessive body and facial hair growth


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