Proviron for women

Proviron for women

Proviron is often not indicated for women due to its propensity to dramatically raise testosterone production. Though it is common for moderate anabolic steroids to be virtually “ideal” for female users, this is one example where that logic simply does not apply.

Professional level muscular women may consider proviron to be an excellent technique of developing lean tissue with a low danger of adverse effects (when contrasted to the androgenicity offered by other steroid kinds), but most ladies just won’t “get away” with using it.

Estradiol and testosterone have both been identified as the steroid responsible for regulating women’s sexual drive. In contrast, only estradiol has been proven to be important for female sexual drive and behaviour in all other female animals. Pharmaceutical firms have spent substantially in the research of androgen treatments for female sexual drive problems, but no FDA-approved androgen medicines for women are currently available. However, testosterone is regularly and consistently administered off-label for the treatment of poor sex drive in women, and the notion of testosterone as a panacea for women’s sexual disorders persists.

Side Effects

Some of the potential adverse effects of proviron for female users include, but are not limited to:

  • clitoris enlargement hair growth on the face
  • The voice is becoming more resonant.
  • The feminization of the face